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Merced County is a developed and populated county and the density of the population is fairly concentrated in a handful of cities. Process serving in Merced County is going to require a fair knowledge of the applicable jurisdictions and cities.

Our servers in Merced County have been handling all types of process serving in the County for years. We communicate regularly with our servers in the field to not only provide fast updates to our clients, but to produce the best possible outcome for services. When hiring a process server to serve a document its important to think of the potential team working on your case. At eServe California you not only have a single server working on your case, but an entire team in our office working behind the scenes if the service gets into trouble.

We generally make our first attempt within 48-72 hours, and after several attempts we normally if unsuccessful our office reviews the service and explores potential options with the client and server. This allows for not only one point of view, but a team of folks with combined experience examining how best to server your documents Nationwide and in Merced County.

Contact eServe California today to find out how you can make the switch and use one provided for your Nationwide process serving needs.


Merced County is anchored by four cities – Atwater, Livingston, Los Banos and Merced. There are only two incorporated cities with under 10,000 people in residence and the majority of residents of the county can be found in the communities of Ballico, Cressey, Bear Creek, Delhi, Dos Palos Y, Franklin, El Nido, Hilmar-Irwin, McSwain, Le Grand, Planada, Snelling, Santa Nella, South Dos Palos, Tuttle, Stevenson, Volta and Winton.

Merced County

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