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Process serving in Humboldt requires not just knowledge of local and state law, but you have to have complete knowledge of Federal law governing serving papers as there are over 8 Indian Reservations in the county. A Humboldt area process server needs to have a good working relationship with each Reservation’s police force as they are considered autonomous from the state laws and regulations and even the Federal laws as well. Having contacts in the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) is also recommended as inter-married tribes can move and claim amnesty on different reservations. Another aspect of this country that makes process serving difficult is the presence of the College of Redwoods main campus. A college campus means a transient population. A good process server will have investigative resources on hand – not just to verify residency and locate an individual but also to quickly discern whether they have moved out of the county to avoid wasting time and resources.

Important Locations and Communities

In Humboldt County you will find the Big Lagoon, Blue Lak, Rohnerville, Table Bluff, and Trinidad Rancheria as well as the Yurok, Hoopa Valley and Karuk Indian Reservations which will all fall under Federal guidelines for process serving. The major cities include Eureka, Arcata, Fortuna, Rio Dell, Ferndale, Clue Lake and Trinidad.

Humboldt County

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